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Lap Pools-SoFlo Pool and Spa Builders of Jupiter

Regardless of having or wanting a residential or commercial pool, the truth is that most of the designs meet a purpose in terms of how you want to use them and for what. While the primary purpose of a pool is to provide enjoyment and a beautiful outdoor or indoor space for people to spend their time, some people will choose to create pools that offer different benefits. For instance, lap pools are great for keeping fit and encouraging yourself or other people to be active and work around exercise and how you achieve this.

Most owners use them for their natural laps, and if they are athletes or just like to exercise, they get to enjoy the pool even more instead of just being a static feature for general enjoyment and some swimming. Many property owners have used SoFlo Pool and Spa Builders of Jupiter services to help them build lap pools that allow them the freedom to swim laps, exercise, and keep fit without having to depend on others or having to visit other places. We are here for your needs, so allow us to get you the perfect pool for your space so you can also get the most out of your investment.

These pools serve a purpose, but you don’t have to be restricted by the design or construction. Many owners are happy to let their pool go and work on the design without taking laps as the main idea; as long as the owner is satisfied with the overall shape and style, we would love to help. It is all about selecting the right materials and building a structure that meets your needs. We will also remember this philosophy as we help you navigate this journey.

This pool was installed by many property owners to encourage tenants to use the pool or to just encourage homeowners to take advantage of the space so that they could have a small but functional pool that gives them everything besides the usual feature of taking a dive and enjoying the day.

They are ideal for people who have limited space but want to encourage exercise and relaxation.

Our team will help you navigate the process so that your pool is completed on time. We will install everything, ensure it takes a short time, and make sure your pool lasts many years without any maintenance, or the amount needed is quite limited.

In our experience, and although there are many options when it comes to the pool you can build for your space, your perspective will determine the best use of the pool. Many owners found that the pool was very well-suited for their area and decided it would be a great addition to their outdoor spaces, so they just decided to go for a lap pool instead of other options even when they usually have the space for it.

A spa or plunge pool is a great option for those with limited space. If you’re really interested, a vertical pool would maximize the space and bring a specific use so you can get the most out of your investment and get the best for your property.

Although it’s not meant for recreational use, many people use it for it and not only for staying fit. 

Additionally, there are a few businesses that could benefit from installing these pools and making them available to swimmers and anyone who loves spending some time in the space and reaping the benefits. These pools are much cheaper than traditional ones and provide a great return on investment for your visitors and clients. There are many ways to view this project, and we’re certain you will want multiple lap pools if you have the space and understand what we mean.

What’s The Difference With Other Pools?

The most noticeable difference is the length of the pool and how it functions for what it is meant to do, as well as the hint in the name: laps.

If you need a smaller or larger pool, you’ll have to consider other options. However, you will find the vertical design very useful and attractive when it is done correctly and when the distribution and disposition of your space are quite perfect for the design.

To make it more comfortable, you can have different edges or create resting areas around each end. It is important to consider the design elements and other features that will make this possible.

There are two types of lap pools you can consider when working with us:

  • Aboveground.
  • In-ground. 

Every pool design is unique and will show in its design. Once you know how the structure works and how it affects your workout sessions, you’ll be able to see the differences.

We can help you make the best decisions based on your preferences. We bring together all the options and list the pros and cons. Since we are supposed to assess your space in order to give you an estimate, we can also let you know which option would be most suitable based on the design of your property.

Allow Our Team to Help You with the Design & Construction

You can reach us by email, or feel free to call our team to get a free quote and design today. You can also use the contact form to provide the necessary information for us to send you an estimate. This will typically be based upon a free visit. However, it is possible to offer a quote that only includes details you have shared with us using the form or when reaching out to other channels.

It is best to schedule an assessment in order to get a quote. We will inspect your space and measure everything. Based on the design and materials that you select, we will give you an estimate. We can help you create or give examples if you have an idea for the design.

Get all the help you need, including many other services related to residential and commercial pool construction, remodeling, and renovations. We also offer consultations about the best options for your property and the idea behind lap pool design.